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Accounting services and software in Estonia

Our company, Data Service OÜ, offers accounting automation services and accounting services since 2001. Having stable partner relations with colleagues in Estonia and Latvia, we successfully solve complex accounting tasks for both local and international companies. Our clients are more than 300 companies and individuals. More than 50 companies entrusted us to maintenance their accounting databases or accounting. We are constantly developing and improving the accounting software we offer, solving new problems of our customers.


We are able to provide accounting services and accounting automation services with immersion.
Stages / fields of activity in which we offer our participation:

  • Setting up accounting (both accounting and tax as well as management, financial), methodological analysis and solution development;
  • Automation of accounting (development of requirements for IT solutions, software selection, project management, development and implementation);
  • Automation of data exchange (data uploading to the software we serve, uploading — bank statements, invoices, work schedules, etc.)
  • Accounting (we undertake the full range of tasks on accounting and tax accounting);
  • Keeping financial accounting of the company, budgeting, organization of interaction with all services of the group of companies on exchange of financial statements, its analysis and making operational decisions;
  • Maintenance and improvement of accounting software;
  • Sale, rental and service of computer equipment, servers and trade equipment.

Examples of frequently requested solutions:

  • The client acquires an accounting program, rents a server and works remotely online.
  • The client acquires an operational accounting program for his office, and trusts us their accounting, we solve the problem of importing and exporting data.
  • The client trusts us their accounting and orders the creation of additional reports in the purchased 1C software to improve the efficiency of company management.

At the moment, we can offer only one program with the English interface — «1C:Company management». This sowtware is an ERP-software for small and medium companies. The softwere «1С:Accounting» has two interfaces — Estonina and Russian. 


1C:Company management supports sales management offering features for facilitating and speeding up of both wholesale and retail sales.


1C:Company management offers a variety of inventory replenishment methods, such as regular purchases, advance holder’s purchases, purchases made by agents, safe custody, and receiving supplier’s raw materials for processing.

Inventory and Warehousing

1C:Company management facilitates inventory accounting for multiple retail outlets and warehouses. This includes detailed accounting of displays, racks, cells, and shelves.


1C:Company management streamlines manufacturing accounting providing tools for planning and calculating cost value of the goods and parts produced.


1C:Company management offers easy-to-use instruments for comprehensive financial management from budget planning and managing assets to expense analysis and settlement.


1C:Company management helps easily configure day-to-day accounting operations using variety of uploaded GL accounts.

HR and Payroll

1C:Company management helps you manage employee time sheets and make payroll calculations, facilitating employee task and job management.

Manager Dashboard

1C:Company management reports provide overall statistics on important business characteristics including personnel state, expenses, and efficiency.